Path of Angels: Boxed Set by Patricia Josephine

Book One: Michael
For Michael, there is only one path: send fallen angels back to Hell. When he meets Lake Divine, Michael begins to doubt his duty. But Lake is a Nephilim--the offspring of a fallen angel and human. MORE >

Can Michael condemn Lake to Hell? Two paths lie before him.

Only one will keep him from falling.

Book Two: Zadekiel
With Michael gone it is up to Zadekiel to lead his brothersTimes are dark and tempters are shortHope comes in the form of a green haired woman with a gift that seems more curse than blessingWhen her path crosses with Zadekiel, he sees her gift as a signCan Zephyr help them find the path?

Or will she lead Zadekiel astray?

Book Three: Joephiel
Jophiel was certain he knew their pathBut the truth is darker than he or his brothers could imagineThe fallen plan on unleashing the most dangerous of them all: The Morning StarThey find an unlikely ally in Mariangela, a fallen angel trying to make amends by the child she is carryingA battle is looming.

This time, they may not win.

Book Four: Gabriel
To stop Uriel from freeing The Morning Star, Gabriel and his brothers must fallGabriel isn't sure he's willing to make that sacrificeBut time is running out and he may have no choiceIt's up to the Nephilims they once hunted to get Gabriel and his brothers to Hell.

If they succeed, what happens to their path?

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