Equality (Two Democracies: Revolution Book 3) by Alasdair Shaw

Harry Robinson lives an idyllic lifestyle. A brilliant computer engineer, he made his fortune pushing the limits of android design. When a neighbouring planet is hit by a global nuclear strike, he feels compelled to help. MORE >

A chance encounter with a group of offworld soldiers launches him on the trail of the perpetrators.

Prefect Olivia Johnson leads a Legion of disillusioned soldiers from both sides of the civil warShe blames herself for failing to prevent the attackNow her mission is to hunt for its architectBut first, she must reclaim their adopted home from a different enemyAn enemy who won’t even talk

The Indescribable Joy of Destruction is Johnson’s best friend and closest allyDespite the lives they have saved, artificial intelligences are still the victims of fear and prejudiceThe shadowy warship fights to defend the first place it felt accepted, and for equal rights for its kind.

Equality is a novel in the Two Democracies: Revolution series.

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