Rockin' Around the Killing Spree: A Sketchy Matchmaker Mystery by Etta Faire

Aunt Mabel is getting ready for her first annual “Happy Hottie-Day Dance” and decides to throw it at a dance club that’s even sketchier than her matchmaking one, a barn in the middle of nowhere that seems more like Chainsaw Massacre than It’s a Wonderful Life. But Aunt Mabel’s friend Grace’s ultra-obnoxious son-in-law owns the place and there’s no stopping Aunt Mabel when she thinks something’s perfect. Marcie’s not impressed, except with the fact that at least the owner dresses up like Santa to bring presents to foster kids. MORE >

But when that obnoxious Santa turns up dead, all evidence points to MrsClaus (Grace’s daughter) and the affair she was having in the workshop closetMarcie doesn’t want to touch this case with a ten-foot north pole, until Grace offers her the one thing a single mom can’t resist at Christmas – easy money

All Marcie has to do is drum up some reasonable doubt so Grace’s daughter looks innocentPa rum pa pum pum.

*This book has also been published as Feliz Navi-Dead

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