The Vorkian [a dystopian novella]: The 2250 Saga by Nirina Stone

The year is 2250. The nation, Apex.
And Mazz is a regular fellah with a regular job, ​living​ a quiet life in Citizen City.

That i​s until he is compelled to head to a ​mystery secret​ facility far from his home​, where he learns that he will be trained to be a Death Doctor. Where he will live, for the rest of his life, as a Vorkian.

But how short will Mazz's life be in this new, deadly job?​

Take a quick journey with Mazz, to understand just what it takes, and everything you must give up, to become a Vorkian in Apex.​

This is a short story of about 15k words and is set in the world of The 2250 Saga.. MORE >

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