A Breeze of Summer: Book Three of The Somber Wolves Saga by Matt Honorato

Fear is something that lurks deep inside our very mind. And what we fear most is that which we can't see. ​

Travelling to the coastal city of Bluefair should be nothing more than a trip to seek the aid of an old friend. But in the Chanocia Kingdom, nothing is as black and white as it seems. 
Neither a basilisk nor a horde of werewolves was able to stop Curaleon in his quest to defend the Kingdom, but the elf will have to face uncharted waters as he is bound to the sea for his next adventure. 
Looking for the fourth Somber Wolf, Curaleon will find himself trapped in the midst of a bloody mission on the high seas. 
A sin city ruled by pirates, a new threat from the deep ocean, new friends, and new enemies will all surface as the grim plot hovering over the Kingdom of Chanocia starts to take shape.

A Breeze of Summer is the third book in the ongoing series “The Somber Wolves Saga.”  

Book One: The Lone Ranger 

Book Two: The Wolf's Den

Book Three: A Breeze of Summer

Book Four: The Way of The Sword

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