Rat Run (Hamelin's Child Book 6) by DJ Bennett

Lenny’s been released early from prison. He’s got a normal and boring job, and he’s living a normal and boring life in a small flat in Liverpool. But Lenny’s never done normal. MORE >

Or boringEverything comes with a price and the local cops have already been in touch, expecting him to provide intelligence about his old life in London

Then an email sends him racing back down southIt’s not the best idea he’s ever had, but it’s Becky who’s contacted him and she’s always been his weak spotBecky’s teenage brother is missing, and Lenny knows that heading to London to search for him means breaking the terms of his prison licence, risking his freedom and maybe even his life.

The search for Becky’s brother takes Lenny into dangerous territory from his past, he’s got the cops on his back again, and he has to decide whether this new life is worth what it’s going to cost

This thriller is set six months after Ratline and contains adult material

(approx 60,000 words)

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