The Onyx Eyes: Max Hamby Book 3 by Kathy Cyr

"The Max Hamby series is perfect for readers of Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Unwanteds, Septimus Heap and Charlie Bone. A mix of magic, adventure, humor, friendship and family that draws you in."

Alice twirled a strand hair around her finger. “Little boys jump, but they do not know where. MORE >

Into the mouth of the demon lairHold still and you will see, in his hand is the keyFire and brimstoneBrimstone and fireYour ally is clevera thief and a liarAll is not lostYou can turn it aroundBut, for a moment all will be well." She sighed dramatically"Peaceful and sound."

The third book in the children’s fantasy series - Max Hamby

The battle at Dunmere is over, the first two stones have been found and Milo is safeBut, Milo’s mom and grandma are now trapped with Max’s parents in the ShadowlandsThey will fade away and cease to exist unless the other stones can be found.
Max prepares to journey to find the next stone, but the Trith and Isolde stand in his wayTwo strange children are chased from the Downs by an angry ogreThey've awakened from a two hundred year sleep with a dark secretOne is good and the other is evilBoth are set to become pawns to gain the stones.
It is up to Max to find out who they are and what they want.

Max Hamby and the Onyx Eyes is the third book in Kathy Cyr’s Max Hamby series; a middle grade fantasy series.

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