Jubilee Year: A Novel (The Erelong Trilogy Book 1) by Gerard O'Neill

For fans of A. G. Riddle, Ray Bradbury, and Kurt Vonnegut

Bored with life as a farm hand, Storm accepts a request from a local astronomer to deliver a message. MORE >
Little does he know his world will be blown apart when he reaches the capitalIntercepted then befriended by a strange giant of a man ensconced under the nation's government buildings, he learns the awful truth--the world has months before it falls under the magnetic pull of the Dark Star, the invisible binary twin of the Sun.

Storm is told a pole shift is about to change the face of the planetThe powerful elites know this and plan to benefit from the knowledge they hide from the rest of the world.

To survive the coming catastrophe, Storm, his family and friends must negotiate the increasingly brutal security forces and the assassin teams acting for the elitesThey know survival may be possible, so long as they are ready to fight...

The elites use advanced technologies to hide the intruder from space until they are safe in their sanctuariesThey create distractions and chaos in an attempt to control the growing unrest, triggering global conflict and economic collapseThe world Storm once knew would never be the same again, but he is already adapting and changing...

While this full-length novel is Book I of The Erelong Trilogy, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone. This book is intended for mature readers.

Reviews say:
"the writing style is often brilliant" - Mike Dixon, official review for Readers' Favorite Preview...  "plenty of gritty action throughout" - Andy Lloyd, author of Ezekiel One.. "a character-driven story that is a roller coaster from beginning to end" - Brian's Book Blog.. "I read it in one day" - Ronovan Writes, official review for Lit World Interviews.

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