Jubilee Year: A Novel (The Erelong Trilogy Book 1) by Gerard O'Neill

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An intruder has entered the solar system.

Just as it has done over untold millennia.

A beautiful and terrible force from outer space...

Almost invisible, it brings with it apocalyptic change.

Amid an international cover-up, astronomers brave enough to speak the truth end up mysteriously dead.

The world is on the brink of revolution. The economy is collapsing and great nations are about to go to war. MORE >
Then there is the freakish bad weather, the quakes, and the volcanoesBut worse is to come.

18-year-old farmhand Storm Elliot lives close to a world-famous observatoryWhen he accepts a request from the chief scientist he has no idea of the terrifying journey that lies ahead.

For fans of The Atlantis Gene, The Hunger Games, and The Postman.


Praise for the Novel
  • The writing style is often brilliant - Mike Dixon, Readers' Favorite Preview

  • Plenty of gritty action throughout, with some engaging and well-rounded characters..The author weaves a grand conspiracy - Andy Lloyd, author of Ezekiel One

  • A character-driven story that is a roller coaster from beginning to end - Brian's Book Blog

  • Even being over 400 pages I read it in one day - Ronovan Writes, Lit World Interviews

  • Once you begin, it is impossible to put down this bookOf all that I have read over the past 2 years, this futuristic novel is far and away the most compelling and profound of any! - 2018 Amazon Reviewer

And the series continues...


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