Jubilee Year: A Novel (The Erelong Trilogy Book 1) by Gerard O'Neill

Storm is able to remember everything, and he hates it. Some memories are best forgotten. 

His girlfriend's father, an astronomer, has asked him to deliver a coded message far too frightening to be written down. They don't know a powerful few will do anything to keep the world from finding out how bad things are going to get.

Death squads, the giant beneath Parliament House, a nemesis from outer space, and even the forthcoming apocalypse... MORE >
are all supposed to be a secret.

Yet, signs of trouble on the way are everywhereBrilliant green meteors streak over the outbackThe freakish weather grows more extremeWorld war is on the horizon. 

Once the huge and mysterious Martyn tells him the awful truth, Storm is on the run in a race against time to protect all that's dearest to himBut, the price of survival is one an 18-year-old farm boy could never imagine.

Reviews say:
"the writing style is often brilliant" - Mike Dixon, official review for Readers' Favorite Preview...  "plenty of gritty action throughout" - Andy Lloyd, author of Ezekiel One.. "a character-driven story that is a roller coaster from beginning to end" - Brian's Book Blog.. "I read it in one day" - Ronovan Writes, official review for Lit World Interviews.

The sequel, May Day (The Erelong Trilogy Book II), is out now.

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