Five Secrets: A Lupa Schwartz Mystery (The Lupa Schwartz Mysteries Book 5) by J. David Core

After surviving a vicious attack, magazine reporter Cattleya Hoskin learns that her ex-boyfriend, Ulric, has gone missing having left only a coded message the police cannot decipher. Digging deeper, she learns that he'd been working with the man who got her injured on the last story she covered, Pittsburgh PI Lupa Schwartz. The two men had been trying to covertly unravel a centuries-old scheme, but the conspirators found him out and drove Ulric underground. MORE >

To complicate matters, a mystery woman arrives with a tale of peril linking her to the same nefarious plot.
In order to protect this client and Ulric, Cattleya and Schwartz delve into the mysteries of sacred geometry and a genetic line that traces back to Charlemagne and beyondNow the pair must work together to expose an ancient secret before being thwarted by the agents of a shadow government which has been secretly operating since Mesopotamia.
If they succeed, they just might topple an empireIf they fail, there may be no place for them in the New World Order -- or anywhere else.

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