The Girl With Two Names: A Novel by Gerard O'Neill

A self-obsessed icon in Japan, Yayoi has fame, fortune, and a celebrity marriage... but all is not what it seems.

Yayoi wears her glamor like a mask, because there is much in her life she wants to hide from public view: an abusive husband, and her oppressive recording contract with J-BIG Corp, a company controlled by her husband's family that crushes her creativity, and the haunting effect on her psyche of a tsunami that swept away village along with her much loved mother.

While in New Zealand on a promotional shoot, she is viciously assaulted by her husband, Nori, who is unable to accept their separation and has followed her. On the run, she meets Bill, a young corporate attorney who has his own demons to overcome. MORE >

The two travel to the wild East Coast, unaware of the extreme measures Nori is willing to go to force Yayoi return to Japan with him.

Praise for Gerard O'Neill

Four out of four stars! - Official Review, Online Book Club

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