8 Short Stories by Floyd Looney

8 Short Stories by Floyd Looney. Some of them are funny, most of them are science fiction. All of them are very short and can be read in your spare time.

Proper Care & Feeding of a Gort - Be careful adopting alien pets.
Just To See What Happens - Quantum theories come to fruition
Admirals & Dreadnoughts - The Kingdom has many Admirals but no crews when its really needed.
A Boy on a River Bank - A time of no heroes
The Devil & King Midus - Maybe you shouldn't listen to advice from demons
The Good Doctor Stutz - Time traveling (medical) doctor, but no box
What Time Is It? - At least an ostrich will remove its head from the sand eventually
Tae Ga-Ku - A boy has strange dreams of a girl getting closer, then she arrives.. MORE >

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