Naked News for Indie Authors How NOT to Invest Your Marketing $$$ by Gisela Hausmann

Readers' Favorite Award, GOLD 2018 (category Writing/Publishing)

In its 3rd edition "NAKED NEWS For Indie Authors" features 37% more content than the 2016 Update.

Penned by 27-year industry veteran Gisela Hausmann whose work has been featured in Success and Entrepreneur, on Bloomberg and NBC's business blog, the book shows how authors how to save marketing dollars, not fall for scams, as well as handle their own marketing and media coverage more or less for free.

1) Overcoming Your Biggest Disappointments
2) The Naked Truth that Leads to the Naked News

3) Find a Publisher or Self-Publish?
4) Facts to Consider before Trying to Find a Publisher
5) Avoiding Trouble and Getting Ahead

6) The Biggest Fiction
7) The Importance of Real Research
8) Flawed Data
9) Collecting and Interpreting Data
10) Ads (Twitter, Online Magazine, Print Magazine, Facebook, Blogs, Email Campaigns)

11) Your Own Data
12) Your Own Data in the Hands of Giants

13) How Do You Get the Attention of the Media
14) Brad Pitt and I
15) Contacting Media Persons

16) Did You Do the Math?
17) Learning from Content Bloggers
18) Other Frequently Presented Tips
19) Speaking of Free...
20) Using Book Scan to Your Advantage
21) Dangerous Wordings
22) Testimonials Are Key to Finding Out Some of the Naked News

23) Awards
24) The Best Way to Get Rid of All Marketing Problems
25) "Where should I start?"

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