The Gifted Ones: A Learner (Book 2) by Maria Elizabeth Romana

The Story (Book Two)

In the second volume in the series, Daniel Holybear, a Native American Gifted One, finds himself at odds with a development company that is threatening the peaceful seaside town he grew up in. When the company’s construction project unearths a mysterious stone tablet, Daniel calls on his Gifted friends to help secure the stone and uncover its secrets. Their efforts to assist him, however, are complicated by a peculiar kinship Ellie senses between Daniel and the project’s lovely manager. MORE >
As the relationship deepens, Ellie finds her Gift bringing more pain than pleasure to those around her, and ultimately leading one of them to the brink of tragedy.

The Series

The Gifted Ones is an episodic series, with each book running 60,000 to 90,000 words in length (250 to 350 paperback pages)Each episode is a complete story in itself, but leaves “dangling threads” to be resolved in later episodesThe stories are chronological and connected with recurring characters, so you will want to read them in order, similar to many action/adventure/mystery series on television.


The Gifted Ones series is intended for an audience that is 16+It is NOT intended to be YA fiction, as it does/will contain some violence and sexuality, but nothing graphic, gory, or explicitThe entire cast consists of characters from late teens to centenarians, whose thoughts, words, and actions are not always "squeaky clean", but the series should be acceptable reading material for anyone from 16 to 106.

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