Ratline (Hamelin's Child Book 5) by DJ Bennett

The DI handling Lenny’s trial seems to think he can control the rest of Lenny’s life too. He’s made him an offer – help the police pull in one of London’s biggest criminals and there might be a way to stay out of prison.

Lenny knows that going after Jackson isn’t going to be easy. And finding a way back into his old life will be near-impossible. MORE >

After putting his gangland boss behind bars, it looks like everybody is out to get him, but at least there’s the novelty of having the cops on his side for once.

Jackson and Lenny have history between them, however, and in order to lure Jackson, Lenny has to dig deep into his own past and uncover secrets he’d thought were buried foreverAnd the chain of evidence he needs to bring Jackson down might just be the noose around his own neck.

This thriller is set a few months after Rat's Tale and contains adult material

(approx 55,000 word novella)

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