Sarcasm is My Superpower by Alex McGilvery

Petunia's final year of high school would be much easier if she didn't still look like a twelve year old, or if her mother bought her battle armor instead of cute clothes, or if she hadn't made friends with Marilyn.

With sarcasm and determination Petunia faces her senior year at Punkie's Hound High. She is used to Chastity, the cheerleader, and John Wayne Lee, the quarterback, but Marilyn's arrival puts a whole new spin on high school relationships. MORE >

She may be exactly what Petunia needs, but first they need to survive.

"Like me," the door opened behind us and everybody turned to look at who had said thatStanding in the door was a vision in pinkMarilyn wore a wicked pair of pink stilettos with pink skin tight jeans and a skin tight tee to matchAll that pink was covering a body that would make a cheerleader pantBuff doesn't describe itHe/she looked like one of those impossibly muscular men on the covers of the books my mom likes to readAdd dangly earrings, fire engine red lipstick and a neatly trimmed goatee and you have a vision of confusion.

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