By The Book by Alex McGilvery

They've never gone on a quest. They've never done anything that wasn't in The Book.

God appears in Paul's kitchen during breakfast and sends Paul on a quest. The quest begins by taking the first person he meets as his companion. MORE >

Daniel comes by to trade for vegetables and begins a Tuesday that ends with them on the road away from their home with only a Page from Paul's Book to guide themPaul and Daniel learn very quickly that the world is bigger and stranger than anything they'd known beforeOnly as they start succeeding in their quest do the friends realize they are fighting an ancient and powerful evilIf they win, their world will never be the sameIf they lose, all hope of love and beauty may be lost.

Imagine that Adam and Eve not only refused to eat the forbidden fruit, but pestered God morning and night to tell them what to do so they would not displease GodImagine they were given Books to follow so they would never anger GodImagine if those Books were wrong.

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