The Wisdom of the Ages Healing the Indigo by Timothy Ellis

In 2009, while posting in a spiritual forum, I managed to upset some people with what I channelled about the topic at hand. As a result, the forum owner suggested I start my own thread and let people ask me spiritual questions to which I could channel answers.

The thread was called, “The Wisdom of the Ages is available for the price of asking a question”. In calling it this, I was emphasising that we need to ask, and that asking costs nothing.

The thread lasted for 4 years, was over 200 pages long, with over 1000 posts, before I closed it. MORE >

It no longer exists in any readable form and I thought it time to now formally organise as much of the material as possible in order that the knowledge is retained and made available to a wider audience

Volumes 1 to 5 of this series covered the forum thread and its offshootsVolume 6 is all about KarmaAs I was searching for my archived karma writings, I also uncovered a lot of my Indigo writing and knew that needed to be the topic for Volume 7.

There is a lot written about Indigos, but very little written by Indigos for Indigos and the people they live withI am an Indigo, and having done my spiritual healing, this is my offering to help explain being Indigo, and why I think Indigos need to heal.

Please note the use of Australian spelling.

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