Wolf Block by Stuart J. Whitmore

Strange behavior among the prisoners is only the beginning.

Bunierti Kittran is a rich young woman who enlisted to serve her government and honorably complete her duty to society. She looks down on those who use the influence of their wealthy families to bypass the discomforts of being an Upholder, although she is not happy that she must tolerate people from the lower economic classes who often have little more to look forward to than a hot meal and a safe place to sleep. It is a disappointment but no surprise that her roommate does not share her wealthy background.

The many rumors from prison sector W84-88D, "Wolf Block," are also no surprise, but she dismisses the notion that the prisoners there have a secret conspiracy or special powers. MORE >

However, she does not expect to be wrapped up in the mystery when the enigmatic prisoners of Wolf Block take a special interest in her.

This is a short story of approximately 9750 wordsIt was originally written for a novelette contest on RedditAfter the contest, revisions were made based on feedback from readersThe story has now been released under the Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike open licenseThis means, among other things, that you are free to share it with others, and you may be able to get a copy for freeHowever, buying a copy encourages the author to continue writing, and ordering the e-book version through an online retailer will simplify loading the story into your e-reader of choice.

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