Life Harmony, Feng Shui in Plain English by Timothy Ellis

This is the Feng Shui book I went looking for a long time ago to explain Feng Shui to me. I never found it. So I wrote it instead.

This is the Feng Shui book you read FIRST.

After this, other Feng Shui books will start making sense. MORE >

What you need to know, in PLAIN ENGLISHHow to go about doing itWhat order to do it inHow to overcome confusionDifferent situations and what to look forWhat to expect of consultants and mastersWhy other books get confusing or simply do not appear to work.

Most of what is out there about Feng Shui is just the tip of a very large icebergThis book deals with the whole icebergWhat some books dedicate themselves too, this is the book that puts them into proper perspective as just a minor part of the wholeWhere other books specialize in small parts of Feng Shui, this books shows you how to integrate all the others

Learn to balance YOU with the House with the Time Based Energies in the house, the Chi flow and Landscape around it

This is THE Feng Shui book for those who want to methodically do their own home and businessIt walks you through each of the major areas of Feng Shui, in the order you need to look at them in order that what follows makes senseAnd it is written without all that confusing Chinese language.

Having written this book, I use it as a text to teach.

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