Leon Chameleon PI and the case of the missing canary eggs by Janet Hurst-Nicholson

A charming animal detective story for ages 7-12 (and fun for parents to read to younger children)

When Mrs Canary’s eggs mysteriously disappear, a frantic Mr Canary dashes straight off to the Pigeon Valley Police for help. Unfortunately, Sergeant Loerie and Constable Mole’s hasty attempts to make an arrest lead them to the wrong suspects.

Leon Chameleon PI, who has quietly kept an eye on developments, decides it is time to step in and offer his services – after all, isn’t he the best Private Eye in Pigeon Valley? He puts all his skills to work and finds vital clues which Loerie had overlooked. Now a daring plan is needed to trap the suspects and bring them before Spotted Eagle Owl’s Court, where Leon springs his final surprise…

Selected as one of Bookchat Magazine's 1993 South African Books of the Year.

Janet Hurst-Nicholson draws on the habits and characteristics of the small creatures living in Pigeon Valley, Durban, to create a thrilling detective story. MORE >

Barbara McGuire’s illustrations capture the story’s humour, while portraying the animals as they really are.

Beautifully illustrated, this humorous detective story will leave children spellbound.

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