Emotionally Charged (Empath Chronicles Book 1) by S.A. Fenech

Overwhelming teenage emotions can be deadly when they grant superpowers.

Livvy has always been good at reading emotions, but when disaster strikes and she has to fight to survive, she learns that this gift is more powerful than she ever imagined. She is an Empath. MORE >

Livvy is swept into a world of superheroes and luxury, but nothing is what it seemsWhen she meets her opposite, a Blocker who can lock an Empath's powers away forever, Livvy is caught up in a supernatural battleCan she keep the power of her emotions under control when the life of the boy she loves is threatened? 

Emotionally Charged is the first book in a young adult superhero seriesIf you like non-stop action, super-charged romance, and dire consequences, then you'll love this tale from award winning author Selina Fenech

Pick up this quick-read novella and join the world of the Empaths today

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