There are 614 Books and 107 Sites currently in the network.
Getting Started

Click Join Now, at the the top of the page and enter your details. You will receive a confirmation email within a few minuets. You must click the link in the email to activate your account. If you don't get the email please check your spam folder. You can also request to send it again here. If you have any problems the contact us at frontdesk (at)

To add a book goto the Books tab and just enter the ASIN for your book. You can get this from your Amazon account. Click ‘Go Get’ and it will grab all the book information required.

To remove a book from the network just click ‘Remove

Goto the Site tab and enter the following:

Site URL: This is the webaddress of your site. Please note, if you are using the free service then add your URL as We have a different code for these sites.

Categories: Select the general categories of books you would like to promote or leave it as ALL.

Block Title: Enter a title for the promotional block such as ‘Other Indie Authors’ or ‘You may also enjoy…’ Leave it blank if you don’t want one.

Get the Code: Click Save & Get Code and the page will display the code and example promotional blocks. There are two options; horizontal or vertical. Grab the code and place it on your site. It is best to put this where there will be traffic.

Making Changes: If you need to change any settings just make your changes, click 'Update & Get Code' and grab the new code.

To add your code to Wordpress.
Go to Appearance > Widgets in your site admin area.
Drag a ‘Custom HTML’ box in to your sidebar
Paste in the code… and that’s it!

To add code to Squarespace
Use Embed Block. Here is a guide to adding Embed Block to Squarespace.

To add code to Weebly
Here is a guide to adding HTML to Weebly.

General Questions
Your books are displayed on other author websites, being seen by people interested in reading and discovering new authors. This increases your visibility to new readers. If they click your book cover it takes them to Amazon where they can buy it.
Yes, you can add it in as many places as you like.
When you log in you will see 'Active' beside your user name at the top right of the bookpromocoop site. This means we have found the book banner code on your site and it's getting traffic. So your books are being served out. You can also check the 'Views' label in the 'Books' tab. It's beside the cover image.
We check every day to ensure the book banner code is running on your site and it's getting traffic. If it can't find it then your account is 'Paused'. If it find the code the next day then your account will automatically become 'Active'.
We also check for traffic. If the place you put the book banner code on your website gets no traffic then your account will be paused. We strongly suggest that you put the code where it will get most traffic.
No and Yes. No, the standard book banner code won't work. However, we have an image banner we use for sites that promotes the network and sends visitors to a page with books filtered by your settings. So, Yes this works with
If you have a book related site I can't see any reason why not. The more places to display our Authors books the better. Drop me an email first so I can give your site the once over.
Send an email to frontdesk (at) with your Username and Author Name, and we will delete all your account data.
Can't see any reason why not. So, yes you can.
Click the Authors tab to see a full list of 'Active' authors. Click the name to see their books.
Yes, just add the book banner code in as many times as you like. You can build up blocks of 2, 4, 6, etc. It's a good idea to leave the 'Title' blank and you can put one in on your own site.
Unfortunately we have no way to track this. However you can see how many times your book has been displayed to new readers in the 'Books' tab. We will, at some point, track click-troughs, so you will also be able to see which of your books gets the most clicks to Amazon.