Entanglement (The Belt Book 1) by Gerald M. Kilby

**You can run but you can’t hide — not even in space.**

Commander Scott McNabb, of the science vessel Hermes, is three years into a five-year-long survey of the asteroid belt. It’s an excruciatingly dull mission, yet it keeps him far away from the agencies that are chasing him down.

However, his fortunes change, along with the other four crew, when they discover a derelict spaceship in orbit around a binary asteroid. MORE >

Scott’s share of the salvage would be enough to clear his name and start a new life

But the ship contains an experimental quantum device, lost while en route to Europa, and ownership of this technology could fundamentally change the balance of power within the solar systemNow that word is out of its discovery, the Hermes finds itself being hunted down by the very people Scott has spent so much time and effort hiding from

If Scott wants any hope of a new life, then he’s going to have to fight for itYet, after a lifetime of running and hiding, he’s not sure if he has what it takes—maybe he really is just one of life's losersThen again, there is a deep river of rage welling up inside him, born out of a lifetime of countless accumulated injustices, each one inching him ever closer to the edge—and this could be the one that finally makes him snap.

What Amazon readers are saying:

★★★★★ ‘This is grand vision SciFi in the style of Ian BanksGreat story, great characters…’

★★★★★ ‘Exciting sci fi with interesting ideasYou will enjoy it.’

★★★★★ ‘It moves very quickly, holds your interestI couldn't put it downGreat story and characters.’

★★★★★ ‘A thriller with characters worth caring about.’

About Entanglement:
The story is set a few centuries into the future where humanity has colonized most of the inner solar systemThe asteroid belt (The Belt) is now a hive of mining activity and ships ply the trade routes to Earth and MarsThe technology depicted is, for the most part, what I consider to be technically plausible, although I do stretch it a little with quantum entanglementThat said, you won’t need a calculator or a slide-rule to enjoy the story.

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