Queen Jane (A.I. Destiny Book 2) by Timothy Ellis

Jane is fighting a war she doesn’t understand.

The Owls are arrogant, utterly convinced of their superiority, and hardly worth being called a threat. But they are a threat to everyone else, and Jane is yet to find out the real stakes involved in this war.

With Jane in the middle of known space, Baron Fred is trying to hold things together at one end in Gaia, while Walsh is holding down the diplomatic fort at the other end. MORE >

For Fred, finding out the real cost of maintaining your ideals comes home to him in the most personal way possibleWalsh on the other hand, is tired of being the barer of bad news all the time, and wants to get back to exploration

For the other AI's, Jane and Walsh have shown them a possible future, and they need to make a choice, but first there is the pesky business of winning a war

Jane doesn’t have time to be a Queen, but finds building a Kingdom might not be as difficult as she might have thought

Jane has choicesFred has choicesWalsh has choicesThe AI's have choicesEven the Owls have choicesBut do any of them really?

Jane didn’t want to be the Admiral, and even though her new higher rank might have been thrust on her, to make things right, she must be, Queen Jane.

AI Destiny series
1Admiral Jane
2Queen Jane
3Snark's Quest
4Destiny Stone
5Talisman of Tomorrow
6Leader Jane

The A.IDestiny novels are a spin off of The Hunter Legacy series.
Hero at Large, Hunted Hero Hunting, Send in the Hero, Make or Break the Hero, Hail the Hero, Burnside's Killer, Hire a Hero, Jane's Christmas, Hero to the Rescue, Hero at the Gates, The Long Road to Gaia, Home is where the Hero is, Hero in Darkness, Hero to the EndThe Hero's Companion.

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