P.S. I Poisoned You: A Sketchy Matchmaker Mystery by Etta Faire

Aunt Mabel’s new client, Stella Harper, is snooty, power-hungry, and treats everyone like a servant – pretty much everything Marcie hates about rich people. So when the woman starts receiving letters that say, “P.S. I poisoned you,” no one is surprised or even cares too much. MORE >

Plus, Marcie is pretty sure the woman is sending those letters to herself for attentionThe big phony.

Until a mysterious death occurs and Marcie is thrown into the middle of solving another case again, this time with the help of her friend Tracey, a woman who seems to think solving a murder is an excuse to relive her “party girl” years in her retirement, while dragging Marcie around with herWorst Watson everBut the fun and games end when Marcie and her friend unravel a plot involving an international art forgery ring, Russian oligarchs, and more “P.Sletters.” Only now, those letters are addressed to Marcie.

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