Abducted Life by Patricia Josephine

Savannah Janowitz’s perfect life was destroyed the night she and her boyfriend vanished without a trace. When she reappears a year later––alone––she’s a shell of her former self. Robbed of her popularity and her boyfriend, she has no memory of what happened to her. MORE >

Savannah struggles to move forward as strange, new abilities manifest.

Evan Sullivan never gave extra-terrestrials much thought until the night he and Savannah were abductedWhile Savannah’s memory was wiped clean, he remembers every horrific detailConstantly reminded of the experiments that made him less than human, Evan hides in the shadows and watches Savannah rebuild her life without him.

But neither can let the other goWhen their paths cross, Savannah and Evan finally see a glimmer of their old lives returnAs they face what happened to them, they soon discover they aren’t safeThere’s more to fear than what’s hiding in the stars.

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