Home is where the Hero is (The Hunter Legacy Book 11) by Timothy Ellis

Jonathon Hunter has at last come home. Or so he thinks.

The Door is only open for five days, and it should be long enough for what he needs. MORE >

What he doesn’t need is his whole concept of home to be challengedNot when there is so much else to do

The answers he's long wanted are now within his graspBut does he really want to know the truth? Can he handle the truth? And what else is there he doesn’t know about?

The Darkness is coming, and Gaia has its role to playBut Prophecy doesn't care who believes in itIt unfolds as foretold

Shock follows shock, and as the stakes get higher, Jon's grip on reality comes down to one simple question

A question everyone else knows the answer to

Home is where the Hero is.

The Hunter Legacy series :
Part One:
1Hero at Large
2Hunted Hero Hunting
3Send in the Hero
4Make or Break the Hero
5Hail the Hero
End of Part 1

6Burnside's Killer (An Interlude Novella between Parts 1 & 2)

Part Two:
7Hire a Hero
7.5 Jane's Christmas (A short story)
8Hero to the Rescue
9Hero at the Gates
End of Part 2

10 The Long Road to Gaia (An Interlude novel between Parts 2 & 3)

Part Three
11Home is where the Hero is
12Hero in Darkness
13Hero to the End

The Hero's Companion

AI Destiny series.
1Admiral Jane
2Queen Jane
3Snark's Quest
4Destiny Stone
5Talisman of Tomorrow
6Leader Jane

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