The Children of Dragons: Awakening by K.D. Kinney

In a time when there are good and evil dragons, deadly change is in the air.

Raven and Robin, the dragon and human half-breed teenagers with a tight sibling bond, have a knack for getting into trouble. However, the night that Robin is nearly eaten by a bloodthirsty dragon sick with the Craze sets forth a chain of events that will change their family forever. MORE >

Their father must return to his dragon form and begin the fight to claim the throne that was taken from him by his evil dragon brother, LithdoreOnce Draden leaves, the rumors fly with the dragons that he is preparing for warThe time for Robin and Raven to get into mischief is overThe journeys they take will not follow the same path.

Robin looks human and she is learning how powerful her dragon healing isShe might be the help her father needs to win the war, but while she learns how to heal dragons, the human family is in constant danger of being discovered by Lithdore

Raven, who doesn’t look human at all with dragon wings and skin and the body of a human, stays hiddenHumans believe he’s a demonWhile Raven is learning how to control his impulse for causing trouble, he discovers he has special talents of his own and uncovers some dark family secrets

A tale of how the love bonds to family can strengthen who one becomes, and how a thirst for power from another can tear families apart

The first book of an epic fantasy series that takes place in an unsettled world where dragons rule and the children of dragons, whether wanted or cast away, wield the power of changeNothing will ever be the same again

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