Second Sons Mysteries by Amy Corwin

The Second Sons Mysteries is a boxed set of the three Regency-period mysteries featuring the logical founder of the Second Sons Inquiry Agency and the brilliantly intuitive Prudence Barnard. As a special BONUS, the Regency gothic mystery, Christmas Spirit, is also included in the set.

The Vital Principle
In 1815, an inquiry agent, Mr. Knighton Gaunt, is asked by Lord Crowley to attend a séance with the express purpose of revealing the spiritualist as a fraud. MORE >

The séance ends abruptly, however, and during the turmoil, Lord Crowley diesGaunt is left to investigate not only fraud, but murderSuspicion turns first to the spiritualist, Miss Prudence Barnard, but as Gaunt digs deeper into the twisted history of the guests at Rosecrest, he discovers more deadly secretsInevitably, long-time friends turn against one another as the tension mounts and Gaunt is challenged to separate fact from fiction.

The Dead Man’s View
When Eric Knibbs invites his second cousin, Prudence Barnard, to a house party, she’s pleased to discover that she has a family, after allSince her father’s death, Pru thought she was alone and struggled to maintain her existence without helpUnfortunately, their reunion is cut short when Eric is found dead, hanging from a noose outside his bedroom window.

The coroner and his jury believe Eric hung himself, but Eric was afraid of heights and could never have committed suicide in such a mannerHe won’t even allow the drapes to be opened in his bedroom, so how could he have jumped out of the window with a noose around his neck? After a quick examination of his room, Pru finds too many anomalies and can’t help questioning the positioning of the body outside his window, facing the hedge maze in his garden.

While Pru doesn’t have any answers, she knows her cousin was well-liked and generous, so she seeks help from her old friend, Knighton Gaunt of the Second Sons Inquiry AgencyPru soon learns the maze had a dark past and neither Pru nor Knighton are prepared for the strange paths they must follow to discover what deadly truth lays hidden in the shadows at Kennington Manor.

Was the maze in the dead man’s view at the heart of the mystery or simply the killer’s ruse to suggest suicide?

Honeymoon with Death
On their honeymoon trip through Europe, Prudence and Knighton join a small group of travelers to see the triple falls on the river Velino in Italy when tragedy strikesTheir carriage breaks down on a remote road, they are accosted by bandits, and escape only to find one of the travelers dead the next morning in a ravine near the bandits’ ambush locationThe mystery deepens when they discover the victim is wearing another traveler’s cloak.

To make matters worse, the inn they are forced to stay in is reputed to be haunted.
As Knighton and Pru investigate, they discover the other passengers of the coach were not the strangers they seemedRevenge, envy, and frustrated love vie as motives, and Knighton is pushed to desperation when Pru is kidnappedHe must use every ounce of logic and intelligence to find the killer and free his wife before there is another death on the road to Rome.

SPECIAL BONUS: Christmas Spirit
A blizzard envelopes the English countryside five days before Christmas, stranding Eve Tomlin and her mother when their carriage shatters a wheelThe women struggle through the snow, forced onward by a wraith-like figure gliding through the treesExhausted, they find an apparently abandoned house and stumble insideThey are confronted by Giles Danby, a guest at Folkestone ManorDanby ruthlessly tells the women they must go.

Their host has just been murderedA killer is on the loose.

Or a vengeful specter, if they believe Danby’s fatherA specter Eve may have glimpsed in the woods.

Desperate to solve the mystery and remain alive, they can only hope the Christmas Spirit isn’t searching for another victim.

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