The Doctor: The Universe of the Church Of The Sacred Seven by J D Foster

This is a 47 (word document) page, 24,000 word short Sci Fi Story.

The crew of the Phoenix are deep in space flying a diplomatic mission to return two aliens to their home world. As they pass through the bleak expanses of blackness the crew begin to succumb to the boredom of having nothing to do in the vast emptiness of space.

…But all of that is about to change. MORE >

The ship’s doctor is awoken early one morning to the news that one of the crew has been brutally murderedMillions of miles from any civilisation the doctor teams up with the ship’s head of security, and the two men try to solve the murder.

They haven’t got far before there is another brutal murder on the ship, and then anotherSlowly the ship’s terrified crew begin to unravel with the knowledge they are trapped on the ship with a murderer

Worst of all, it doesn’t matter how hard the two men work they cannot find any real clues as to who the murderer isHe leaves no clues and always seems to be one step ahead of them.

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