Anais of Brightshire (The Blood Mage Chronicles Book 1) by Jamie Wilson

An illegal book. A missing girl. Unlocking her secrets could destroy everything she’s ever known…

Anais is a lowly scullery maid in the Great House. MORE >

When she discovers a book of magic, she breaks the law to secretly practice the spells withinHer hopes of a better -- and more magical -- future are dashed when a girl from the kitchen goes missingAnais stumbles into a series of events that threatens to undo everything she knows and has grown to love.

Determined to find out whether the girl fell victim to the monsters rumored to be lurking on the edge of Brightshire, Anais puts her newfound magic into actionCan she save the girl and her home or will her precious secrets cost her everything?

Anais of Brightshire is the first installment in the Blood Mage Chronicles, a YA fantasy series set in a fear-bound medieval villageIf you like rich historical settings, spell-binding fantasy, and interesting characters set against a captivating plot, then you’ll love Jamie Wilson’s captivating series

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