The Phoenix Prince (Royal Blood Book 1) by Kristen Gupton

Prince Keiran no more wishes to be king than he wants to be a vampire. Unfortunately, both fates were determined before his birth. He's spent the last twenty-three years trying to ignore his vampirism, but he can no longer ignore the crown. MORE >

His father has died, and in seven days, Keiran will be made King of Tordania.

The late king's adviser, the demon-summoner Peirte Methaius, has other ideasHe wants the crown for himselfHe publicly opposes the notion of a vampire king, and there are others sympathetic to that viewThey don't want Tordania to suffer the same horrible fate as other vampire-led realms.

Keiran, already in failing health due to his abstinence from human blood, is now the target of an assassination plotOpposing Peirte might prove too much for him to bearIt might be too much for Tordania, too, with the people so dividedBut the alternative is to let the country fall under the spell of Peirte's black magic, and Keiran can't allow thatHe never wanted to be king, but he's always been a patriot, and he'll do whatever it takes to save his people.

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